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Codes & Standards

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At a project site in US, there was a container-office in the maintenance bay used as a conference room for odd meetings. What was written on the entrance of this container was interesting. On a A4 size computer printout, the following was written.


Kabooters on the cantilever

Published in Pearls of Wisdom

I have an old friend who is a civil engineer with a brilliant sense of humor. He told me this story about how an excellent example can cut across cultural, bureaucratic, hierarchical and personal barriers to convince something to someone. First I will try to give you a little feel of the background of how large projects get built, so that you can understand the simple but powerful essence of the story.


A bolt out of the blue

Published in On the Job

At times the problems look so difficult and complicated but solutions are simple if right stake holders are involved in resolving.

Gas turbine foundation is the most important concrete foundation of a combined cycle power plant. Starting right from design engineering to pouring of concrete, a group of specialist very carefully review and approve the every aspect of design including the details of concrete pouring methodology.


Gurujam: An Engineer's perspective of what went wrong with Gurugram

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Through the sixth-floor office windows, I was looking at the heavy dark clouds and the rain pouring out of them. I knew from my previous experiences, the traffic in Gurgaon gets bad after evening showers. I started early for home, a distance of about 6.5 km. I drove about 4 km and near Signature Tower found myself driving into the road leading to the Huda City Center metro station with at least a foot of running water under my car. About a 100 meters further, I stopped in the middle of standstill traffic. In next two hours, I moved about 300 meters. It took another 30 minutes to negotiate a right turn and join absolute chaos and mayhem, now best known as - the "Gurujam"


The Sinking Tanks

Published in On the Job

There is a well-known saying “One accurate measurement is worth a thousand expert opinions”. And nowhere else it is more appropriate than at project sites, where every day, new problems surface and most problems are in the realm of physical interference, hard mismatch, slow movement or settlement.


All Well that Ends Well

Published in On the Job

Engineering Design usually has a very definitive approach and one has to work through a given input conditions for an intended output utilising calculated/predicted performance/behaviour of individual equipment and systems. But commissioning is always a challenging and thrilling task as we try to match the behaviour of actual equipment and systems at the site with predicted design values under different environmental conditions as well as uncertainties in the process of equipment manufacture.

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